Buchan's Blueberry Hill



Pick Your Own: Blueberries and Apples

Fresh pressed apple cider when in season (non-pasturized)

Homemade artisan ice cream made right here at the farm

Prior to your visit, please watch the following videos for some tips and techniques for picking blueberries and how to have fun here on the farm!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

2020 COVID Guidelines

The safeguards we are implementing are as follows:
*We will ask you the Covid questions as we are mandated to ask.
*Masks do not have to be worn in the patch, but we do request they be worn in the shop area or where you can not maintain the 6 ft distance.
*We have an outside area to pick up buckets.
*We will then send you to a specific area to pick, you must stay in that area and stay with your group, no wandering this year, unfortunately.
*Once the patch is at capacity we will have customers wait with their car in a holding area until someone leaves.
*During the beginning of the season when we are the busiest we ask that you limit your picking time to 2 hours so everyone that wants to, has an opportunity to pick.
*You will then bring your berries back to the outside tent to get them weighed.
*We have a hand wash sink for when you head into the field and when you come out.
We are hopeful this goes as smoothly as possible, your patience is appreciated.
The following is an excerpt from the Governor and MDARD.
The Governor and MDARD state that:
"Customers must take steps to maintain social distancing in sales, retail areas, and fields. Spacing out guests in U-Pick areas is critical to the safety of all guests. A minimum of 6 feet between guests must always be maintained. This also means avoiding crowds waiting to enter sales or field areas and providing for 6 feet between each guest standing in any line.
Family units must stay together and 6 feet apart from others. Customers should only be accompanied with family members and should limit the numbers in their groups."